Dr. Costas Zilemenos was born in Athens, and studied Law and Political Sciences in Athens and France. Thereafter he studied public law at the Panthéon University of Paris. He obtained the Dimplóme d' Etudes Supérieures and he was made Docteur d' Etat en Droit at the same University.
For two years, he simultaneously followed courses at the Institut des Etudes Internationales (Paris) and at the Academy of International Justice in the Hague. Subsequently for the following ten years he studied Anglo-Saxon Justice and italian public law.

He collaborated with the National Broadcasting Corporation for a number of years presenting historical and literary programmes, especially poetry and literary criticism. It was in this capacity that he was a founding member and member of the board of directors of the Hellenic Writers Society and radio producers.
He worked at the National Centre of Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.) in France and gaved lectures in Paris and Athens for several years.
He worked as a journalist in Athens and published socio-political articles in the press.
He acted as legal Advisor for several publishing Organisations, for the Hellenic Red Cross and the National Opera-House.
He publishes 47 books with administrative and constitutional content, and numerous of scientific articles that were published by the hellenic and foreign press. Moreover, he published books relating to poetry and literature.
He was a member of the Société de Lιgislation Compare, of the Society for Executive Research, and other Academic Societies.
In 1994 he founded the Centre for European Studies and Humanities "Ioannis Capodistrias".

He died in Athens in March 1997.