In search of the Olympic roots       May 2016(9-14  June 2016 (13-18)

After a century of traveling around the world, the Olympic Games returned home to Greece - the country of their origin.
Since 2004, the Center of European Studies and Humanities "Ioannis Capodistrias" in collaboration with greek and foreign universities, has offered the unique opportunity to participants from various parts of the world to visit the original locations of the ancient games and explore ancient Greece, the birthplase of the Olypmic ideal and the cradle of the European civilization.

Spend 6 days in Athens, Corinthos, Nemea, Olympia and Delphi, some of the cities that held ancient pan-Hellenic games, experience the spirit and the charm of each site and the continuation of human creativity.

Guided by scholars, visitors will immerse themselves in the lives of ancient Greeks and will fill their minds with art, politics, culture and mythology that defined Greece during this era.
As they will visit the museums and the sites of Panathenaia Festival, Isthmian Games, Nemean Games, Olympic Games and the Pythian Games, they will obtain the sense of "μ έ τ ρ ο" (everything in moderation), the essence of which should be the guiding principle for a world that embraces globalisation.

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